R e t r o f u n  

Core features:

Emulator:  Servuo.
Expansion: SA.
Skillcap: No skillcap.
Statcap: 300. (125 max per stat).Note :Stats can go up to 150 using stat scrolls (sot).
Accounts per IP: 2.(In case you have family or other friend in your house looking for playing in Retrofun,tell to staff).
Server is PVM,but players can attack others under Felucca map.

Gameplay :

-Custom level system: Grows with your character, while leveling up, from 1 to 150.
-Custom Dungeons: Each Retro Fun dungeon has its own content, so you can explore the dungeons and their secrets, while your character increases in level. The dungeons, are populated with different difficulties and different treasures.
-Upload all your skills and more: Each level, will allow you to climb 5 skill points, which you can distribute them in whatever you want.
-Custom Systems:
*Player level system.
*Pet level.
*Invasions of cities.
*Level Weapons.
*Custom loot.

-In Retro Fun, everything can be obtained for free, you do not need to be a donor to access special prices. 

Retro Fun, is a project in constant evolution, like your character. The Staff produces new content on a daily basis. There is nothing more modern than the classic... Retro Fun Ultima Online Staff.