R e t r o f u n  

Did you know...?

In Felucca dungeons you can drop "Dungeon tickets".In the entrance of each Felucca dungeon there is his own npc to trade these tickets.

Each dungeon got his own artifact.Collect 100x tickets of a dungeon,and exchange it for a powerful artifact.You can see the different artifacts Luna.

In all the worlds,there are some special prizes waiting for you...(all creatures can drop these prizes):
In Trammel: "Pet transcendence ticket".
In Felucca: "Small smith/tailor bods","large smith/tailor bods","weightless deed","pof","retrotub","appearance change deed","experience coin","experience power hour token",
...more content coming soon!.
In Ilshenar: "Random paragon artifact deed" (all creatures).
In Tokuno: "Random minor tokuno artifact chest" (all creatures).
In Malas: "Random pet resistance potion (+1,max 80%),all creatures can drop it.
Termur coming soon.

Evolution dragon quest is working,just get the quest inside Destard (Felucca) and follow instructions,you will need some level to get this quest without problems.
Note: When you kill the Dragon King,stealing is needed to get the egg from altar.

In Britain graveyard zone (Trammel),there is a custom and easy champion designed for new players,is called Paradox,and can drop 3 different special items and 
a random 110 power scroll deed to get started.

Only crafted/exceptional weapons can be leveled with the level item deed.This deeds can be obtained from champions.

For beeing online,you get "gametime coins" in your bank,there is stone to spend these coins in the Britain bank (Trammel).

Also you can find the token stone,and the gold stone. 

There is a "corpse retriever" walking around the Britain bank in Trammel,if you cant get your corpse,talk to him,he can get your items back.

Useful commands:

[level : Use this command on your character to spend the skill/stat points when level up.
[Expbar : Use it and drag the experiece bar as you want to see the experience you got/remaining to next level.
[Grab -t : Use it on your loot bag to set the loot you want from the bodies.
[Grab : Use it to autoloot all corpses in range.
[Afk : Use it to afk when you want.
[Getpet : Use it when your pet is lot around the world.